Merry and Bright: Santa's Coffee Light Roast

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  • Delicious Merry and Bright light roast
  • Stay cheery and energized throughout the holidays
  • Roasted in-house
  • Bring Santa's Coffee into your unique Christmas traditions

If you prefer your coffee with plenty of caffeine so that you can enjoy every second of Christmas, our Merry and Bright blend provides just what you’re looking for. Even as you shop, bake, and stay awake all hours of the night to catch a glimpse of Santa, stay cheerful and energized with this light-roast coffee.

Light Roast - Peru Cajamarca

With the most caffeine and a fruit-acidity flavor that features tones of toffee and lemongrass, this roast provides the perfect start to a busy day celebrating the holidays.

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  • Ground or whole bean coffee in ready to gift/use bags
  • 16 ounce bags
  • Choice of ground or whole bean